Best Tinnitus Therapy Options

a woman experiencing ear discomfort

If you experience tinnitus, you could be hearing all sorts of things that you don’t want to be. From ringing in the ears to pulsating noises and from echoes to whistling sounds, tinnitus can cause a whole host of strange sensations. Tinnitus can be acute or chronic. Nearly everyone at some point in their life can experience it, but it is usually short lived and doesn’t impact on day to day life. However, for some people with tinnitus, therapy is needed to help treat the underlying cause and to help symptoms dissipate.

Audiologists are often the first port of call for many people with tinnitus that isn’t going away. These individuals understand the best sorts of therapies to trial depending on the sorts of sounds you are experiencing. Take a look at these sorts of treatment options if you experience tinnitus.

Hearing aids

While you might not have any hearing loss at all, it can still be difficult to concentrate on a conversation when catching up with a pal over coffee because of the unwanted whistling or ringing that you also experience. Hearing competing sounds can be problematic, but a special hearing aid can mask those noises that you don’t want to hear.

A hearing aid is equipped with a feature to mask tinnitus sounds when wearing it, and has incredible built-in technology to drown out the noises that you don’t want to hear. You can have full control over a sound stimulus to mask the other frustrating noises that you hear. All you need to do is ensure the battery is charged, fit the hearing aid into your ear in the morning and have a full day’s relief from the ringing in your ears.

Sound machine

Sound machines for tinnitus can often sound a little odd. Surely, by simply playing your favorite CD loudly, you can drown out the noises that you don’t want to hear. However, sound machines for tinnitus utilize a special kind of sound, like a white noise, that is more bespoke to mask the ringing and whistling that tinnitus typically causes.

When you watch TV, your tinnitus is still ever present no matter how loud the volume is or how engrossed you are in the latest episode of your favorite box set. With sound machines, the whistling is dampened massively, meaning that you can barely notice it. To test whether or not a sound machine will work for you, turn on your faucet and make sure the water is running fast. If this masks your tinnitus even a little bit, a sound machine may work for you.

Tinnitus retraining therapy

Tinnitus retraining therapy is often thought of as a wishy-washy approach to eliminating tinnitus. However, while you might not be rid of the buzzing, hissing or ringing in your ears, you can utilize a habituation therapy to help you react differently to it. Rather than being the most prominent thing in your life that is causing you stress, your tinnitus becomes something that you can live with comfortably.

Firstly, you will meet with a counselor to talk through your perceptions of tinnitus, whether it annoys you, frustrates you or leaves you feeling down. You can then retrain your emotional connection to tinnitus resulting in less worries or concerns about it. When we are stressed, tinnitus can be more present. By becoming more relaxed, you can help mask some of the tinnitus sounds yourself without the need for an artificial sound machine.

Earwax removal

For some people, tinnitus has a more physiological cause that is easier to address. Head to your audiologist and get them to check your hearing and the anatomy of your ears. Some people find that the tinnitus that they experience is caused by a build-up of earwax. This can be easier to solve as earwax removal can go a long way to ensure that the whistling, ringing and hissing that you hear is fully eliminated. As the earwax builds up again, the tinnitus may return, so regular visits to an audiologist are important.

Removing earwax can be as simple as putting a few drops of warm olive oil down each ear every night before you go to bed. This softens the wax and slowly it will move down your canal to your ear entrance. Or you might prefer heading to a professional to have your ears syringed. Never put a cotton bud or anything down your ear as you could end up impacting the wax.

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