Newest Hearing Aid Connects Consumers to the World They’ve Been Missing

After months of sheltering in place, consumers recognize the value of easy access to modern technologies to help them stay connected with family, friends, and business colleagues.  Phone calls, video chats, and other virtual connections have become our lifeline to the world. For people with hearing loss who often struggle with communication by phone or video chat, better hearing and the hearing technology that can help them maintain connections to the changing social environment are more important than ever.

Dr. Michanne Davidson from Active Life Hearing in Coral Springs, Boca Raton and Boynton Beach, sees an increased interest in hearing aid technology that includes such “must-have” features as wireless connections to smartphones, rechargeable batteries and improved hearing in challenging situations like restaurants and social gatherings.  She is among the first to offer, Oticon Ruby, a new hearing solution that puts all the above within the reach of today’s budget-conscious consumers.  "I have been waiting for a high-tech product to become available for my patients on restricted budgets."  These instruments are comparably priced to hearing aids available in warehouse-type stores like Costco, but include the added benefit of receiving hearing care in a private office or via telehealth in the safety and privacy of a patient's home.

"During uncertain economic times, Oticon Ruby offers great value in a simple solution that combines quality sound and the most sought-after features,” says Dr. Michanne. “Whether you’re reuniting with friends over a meal at your favorite restaurant or keeping in touch by cell phone while you’re out and about, Oticon Ruby makes it so much easier to get back to the life you’ve been missing.” 

Like all Oticon hearing aids, Oticon Ruby features Brain Hearing™ technology that supports the way the brain makes sense of sound, giving the brain the clearest, purest sound signal to decode. More sound information means that the brain doesn’t have to work as hard to understand what is being said.  With Ruby, people can enjoy hassle-free wireless connections so they can watch videos, stream music, take phone calls and much more – all from their hearing aids. For people who want the convenience of rechargeable batteries, the Oticon Ruby rechargeable solution features an easy-to-use charger that provides a full day’s* charge in just a few hours.

“Oticon Ruby offers an additional advantage for people who are cautiously returning to activities outside the home,” explains Dr. Michanne.  “Ruby is compatible with Oticon RemoteCare, a new telehealth solution that allows me to provide after-care for your hearing aids remotely.  With RemoteCare, you can connect online with me from the comfort of your home for convenient fittings and adjustments of your hearing aids, using a compatible iPhone®, iPad® or Android® phone.”