Patient Reviews

if you want the best go to active life hearing. For the first time in years I have hearing aids that actually work. The app for my iPhone is a godsend because I can monitor battery life. They are very professional. As I stated before just go see them.
william boss

“Active Life Hearing is number one in my opinion. They know what they are doing. The app for the smartphone is great so I can monitor battery life so I can change if low. I love them.”
William A.B.

I’m am a colleague of Michanne. I’ve known her for years. It’s refreshing to know that other people in the same industry have the same beliefs and morals as I do. She really cares about her patients and every time we meet it shows. I couldn’t recommend a better person in your area, to trust with your hearing health care needs!!
Tim Smith

“The ‘Boca Raton’ office was highly recommended by an audiologist in Palmerton, PA. Their recommendation was absolutely on target. The office staff is extremely knowledgeable, courteous, supportive and accessible 24/5 (no weekends). They are always ready to help if reached with a message. I thank them profusely.”
Sol W.

I am thrilled to write this review on behalf of my father. Dr. Michanne Davidson has provided outstanding audiology care for my dad for over 22 years. Her professionalism and expertise have been awe inspiring as she guided him to the best hearing devices for his situation yet always being sensitive to the costs. Dr. Michanne has been so gentle and respectful with him as well as being encouraging and positive about treatment. He actually always looked forward to his appointments with Dr. Michanne because she is always so friendly and personable. It is obvious how much she truly cares about her patients as well as her opportunities to truly help people! I highly recommend Dr. Michanne for all of your audiology care!!!
Sharon Raines

Dr. Michanne is a wonderful audiologist. She is very professional and efficient and truly cares about her patients. I was afraid to go on job interviews because I was afraid that my response to every question would be “What?” or “Excuse me?”. Dr. Michanne opened up a whole new world to me that I was missing. Since I have had my hearing checked and have hearing aids I am more social and less cranky. And no one can tell I have the hearing aids on because they are behind my ear and there is a virtually invisible string going into my ear. Everyone should get their hearing checked! You get your eyes checked, your body checked — hearing is important too!
Sharon Glickman

How often is it that one looks forward to a doctor’s visit? Oh I know…NEVER. NOT IN THIS CASE! The folks at Active Life Hearing make every visit awesome. They have figured out the right combination of Professional/Technical Expertise/Friendly/CARING/Service. With every step of the way from appointment scheduling, intake, diagnosis, testing, fitting and fine tuning, the patient is handled like they were their only patient. If you are even considering hearing aids THIS IS THE PLACE YOU WANT TO BE !
larry lebin

IF 10 STARS WERE ALLOWED — THEY WOULD GET THEM… Great exam .fitting ..Real results. Oh , and by the way ,half the price for the same product, Got my hearing restored with state of the art product.YOU HAVE NO RISK BALCK AND WHITE CONTRACT.. IF NOT SATISFIED FOR ANY REASON $$$$ BACK. I will never give these up– Dr. Davidson changes peoples lives!!!!
joel schumer

“I have been a patient of Active Life Hearing for about a year now and I have always been completely satisfied. Their products are top of the line and their staff is excellent. They definitely aim to please.”
Jim M.

I had a good experience at Active Life Hearing, Matt took his time to answer all of my questions, I was able to test some hearing aids for a couple of weeks and bought my hearing aids here. I am a very satisfied customer.
Gregory T

Thank you so much Alexa, for resolving all of my issues in such a fast amount of time! You are the best! All the new stores look great and I wish you lots of success
Gregg Henchel

I got my first pair of hearing aids after attending a Microsoft conference and noticing that I had difficulty understanding the speakers. Since I was 49 I did not think of hearing loss. I also heard what I can only describe as hundreds of electronic crickets.
I had difficulty with the hearings aids at first and was going to return them when the receptionist asked me to let Dr. Michanne (that is what her patients call her) adjust them. She adjusted the hearing aids, answered many questions and I was very happy! She was very patient with me explaining the “crickets” was in fact tinnitus and related to my hearing loss and helped me deal with it.
I must add this disclaimer, after the hearing aids were working perfectly I made up several issues to keep going back. It worked and I married my audiologist Dr. Michanne in August 2012.
If you need a great audiologist I can whole heartedly recommend Dr. Michanne. If you are looking for a wife, well sorry she is taken!
Gary Davidson

I decided to upgrade my hearing aids after 6 years of disappointing performance from my old ones. I discovered Active Life Hearing during a quick internet search. Their business model appeals to me because they are able to offer quality products at affordable prices. I was skeptical at first, thinking that I would be trading service for the cost savings. But 3 months after my purchase, my actual experience has been the opposite. I am delighted with the service I have received from the folks at Active Life Hearing. Dr. Davidson, Matthew and Alexa are extremely pleasant, knowledgeable, and easily accessible. From the initial exam and delivery of my hearing aids to follow up adjustment visits, my expectations have been exceeded. And did I mention I love my new hearing aids? My life has changed for the better as a result of significantly improved hearing. And I made some new friends at Active Life Hearing!
David Langley

My 92 year old mother has been seeing Dr. Michanne for over 20 years, she has fit my mom successfully with 2 sets over the years, while staying within her budget. Whenever my mother has a question, Dr. Michanne is always available, she treats her patients professionally but also like family, she really cares, really. I highly recommend Dr. Michanne.
Carolyn Keene

Very professional & personable! Will go above & beyond to help.
C. R.

I have had a really good experience in getting fitted with hearing aids at Active Life Hearing. Matthew has been very patient and worked with me to make sure that I was happy with my purchase and hearing better with them. I would recommend Active Life Hearing.
Barbara Scott

I have been wearing hearing aids for about 10 years. The pair I had were old and kept needing repairs… making it difficult to work. I finally decided it was time to update them, realizing that technology has changed so much in the past decade. Michanne Davidson at Active Life Hearing has been a lifesaver for me. She is WONDERFUL. She did a hearing test and reviewed the results with me. Then professionally listened carefully to my needs, answered my questions, and made recommendations that really fit my lifestyle. My old ones were in-the-canal type (large and bulky). My new ones (behind the ear Resound Lynx bluetooth compatible) are SO much better, and so perfect for my needs. Michanne sat with me for several hours as I learned all the wonders of the new bluetooth (iphone compatible) technology. She was patient in showing me how to work with “domes” (which I had never used before), and made herself available one day when I was having trouble getting the tubes of my new hearing aids into my ear canal. (I’ve since perfected the technique.) I love my new hearing aids, and I loved working with Michanne. I have no doubt that any problems I may have over the coming years will be expertly resolved by Michanne. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Arlene Boumel