Hello! I am Dr Michanne and I am passionate about your hearing health. Recent medical studies are showing links between hearing loss and quality of life. I have helped thousands of patients in South Florida.

Hearing Loss affects the brain in many ways. We can discuss all the ways that Hearing Aids can improve your current and future quality of life.

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The Brain and Hearing Loss

Depression, anxiety, emotional instability, phobias, withdrawal, isolation, lessened health status and lessened self-esteem are not just ‘quality of life.’ For many people, uncorrected hearing loss is a serious ‘life or death’ issue.”

A recent study from the SENSE-Cog Project found a reduction in rate of cognitive decline following hearing aid use, suggesting that effective identification and treatment of age-related hearing impairment may have a significant impact on cognitive decline.

Change in brain function

A weaker signal may also cause the “reorganization” of neural pathways, potentially changing the way depression is regulated in the brain.

Social isolation

When it’s hard to hear, it becomes harder to maintain social connections, which can lead to feeling alienated and experiencing all the negative effects of social isolation and loneliness.

Cognitive load

The brain may work harder to interpret sound from a weaker auditory signal, draining resources needed to maintain working memory or other cognitive functions.


“The literature and this study clearly demonstrate that hearing loss is associated with physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being.

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