Hearing Evaluations

Get Your Hearing Checked: The Importance of Regular Hearing Evaluations

People may need audiology services at any stage of life. Audiology services are for everyone, whether for a musician who’s spent years in the loud concert scene or to diagnose hearing loss in aging individuals. 

You may be surprised that we hear with our brains, not our ears.  Active Life Hearing utilizes a BrainHearing approach to evaluating your hearing. Our audiologists will review your hearing test results in depth with you and explain how your brain is compensating for your hearing loss.

If your hearing test results indicate that you would benefit from hearing aids, we work with you one-on-one to find the hearing aids that are best designed for your level and type of hearing loss, lifestyle, and preferences.

Here at Active Life Hearing, we want you to live as complete a life as possible; that means staying on top of your hearing!

A Hearing Evaluation is the First step toward better hearing

When you choose Active Life Hearing for hearing evaluation, we will spend time discussing your medical and hearing history, hearing concerns and goals, and your lifestyle.

The audiologist will ask about the patient’s medical history, including any conditions or medications that may affect hearing, and about the patient’s listening habits and any hearing difficulties they may be experiencing.

Depending your individual needs, our Audiologists can perform any combination of the tests below:

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