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Video Otoscopy

Video Otoscopy Offers Improved Visualization and Increased Accuracy for Ear Diagnosis and Management

Video otoscopy is typically used to assess the ear’s overall health and diagnose ear conditions such as ear infections, ear wax buildup, and other abnormalities. It is a non-invasive, painless procedure that can be performed quickly and easily in a doctor’s office or clinic. Video otoscopy provides a clear visual image of the ear, allowing the healthcare provider to capture high-quality digital photos and video for review and documentation purposes. Your hearing professional can then track changes in the ear over time, helping identify and diagnose possible conditions.

Do You Ever Wonder What Your Doctor Sees In There?

We've all heard what they see:

  • “Your ears look great.”
  • “You have some wax built up.”
  • “Yep! Your ear is infected.”

These statements make a lot more sense when you can visualize the anatomy being referenced or even better, see your own inner ear in real time.

The Audiologists of Active Life Hearing utilize video otoscopy. Watch on an iPad as the inner workings of your ear appear on the screen. 

The Benefits Of Video Otoscopy Include:

See The Problem Clearly With Video Otoscopy

Video otoscopy can be a valuable tool in the diagnosis and management of ear problems.

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Our Patients say it best

Our Patients say it best

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Our Patients say it best

Our Patients Say It Best