Hearing Aid Moisture Removal

Moisture Can Damage Hearing Aids:
Here's What You Need to Know

Moisture can damage hearing aids and cause them to malfunction. It can corrode the internal components and cause them to break down over time. Moisture can also cause the hearing aid to produce feedback, a high-pitched whistling sound that can be very annoying for the user.

Moisture in hearing aids in not uncommon as you think

98% of Hearing Aids contain harmful moisture. Additionally, moisture can cause the hearing aid to become less effective at amplifying sound, as it can affect how the microphone and amplifier function. It’s important to keep hearing aids dry and to remove any moisture that may accumulate on them, as this can help to ensure that they continue to function correctly and provide optimal performance.

Removing just 1 microliter (uL) of moisture can make a big difference.

How small is a microliter you ask? It is about the size of a medium grain of salt and easily missed by the naked eye.

Introducing the Redux

redux hearing aid moisture removal

Active Life Hearing utilizes Redux, a complete professional moisture, and dust removal system.

This process takes 8 minutes and can save you hundreds in repair fees.  Additionally, Redux measures real-time humidity and provides data verification on the amount of moisture removed from the hearing aids.

If you hear static, or distortion or your hearing aids are cutting out, your hearing aids may benefit from moisture and dust removal.

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Are You Experiencing?

"I ask patients to stream their favorite song through their hearing aids and press pause. After our Redux machine has dried out the hearing aids, I ask the patient place to the hearing aids back in their ears and resume playing music. Patients are always amazed at the difference in sound quality."

Infographic detailing effects of moisture on hearing aids

Three Reasons our Patients Love the Redux

And We Think You Will Too


Experience improved sound quality immediately.


Routine drying of hearing aids saves hundreds in costly repairs.


One ten minute cycle through the Redux makes a world of difference.

Is Moisture Impacting The Performance Of Your Hearing Aids?

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Our Patients say it best

Our Patients say it best

Our Patients say it best

Our Patients Say It Best