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Deep Neural Network

A First In Oticon's More Hearing Aid

What Does A Deep Neural Network Do?

DNN (Deep Neural Network) is a type of machine learning that works similarly to how the human brain learns. It has been used for countless tasks, from familiar language translation and image search tools to more specialized applications like medical diagnosis. For instance, UCLA trained a DNN to detect cancer cells!

Oticon is using DNN technology in the Oticon More hearing aid. This technology utilizes a different approach to learning than traditional methods; instead of relying on human-created rules like “a dog has a black nose and floppy ears,” it learns from repetition by analyzing collections of samples such as 100 pictures of various dogs. In this way, DNNs learn just like the brain does – through practice and making mistakes along the way. Using DNN, Oticon can create more sophisticated products that give you better insights into your world than ever before.

How Does A Deep Neural Network Help In A Hearing Aid.

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