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Signia offers hearing aid styles and features to fit your individual needs and preferences. Whether you prefer a discreet, compact device like the Silk or for the fashion conscious, the Activive Pro or Styetto or advanced connectivity and streaming capabilities like Pure Charge&Go, Signia can deliver.

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The Cutting Edge Technology Of The Signia AX Platform

Picture of Shield Representing Auto EchoShield

Auto EchoShield

Signia’s Augmented Xperience (AX) hearing aids utilize the revolutionary Auto EchoShield technology to tackle reverberation in challenging acoustic environments, such as churches and entrance halls. The traditional approach can cause sound reflections from room surfaces to overpower direct sounds and dominate user perception – resulting in an echoey, blurred experience. AX adjusts accordingly, preserving a true-to-life response with mild reverb while attenuating prominent parts of harsher reverberations for enhanced clarity!

Own Voice Processing

Signia’s exclusive Own Voice Processing (OVP) technology creates a natural listening experience for Hearers by replicating the sound of their voice. A simple training period during setup ensures hearing aids detect when wearers talk and quickly adjust the gain to accommodate altered acoustic settings, allowing them to hear themselves just as they would in an ideal situation. Numerous studies have reinforced OVP benefits, with users consistently expressing satisfaction and a strong preference for this innovative innovation from Signia!

Signia AX HandsFree for iOS

Signia AX hearing aids make it possible to communicate with unparalleled clarity, even in noisy environments. Through Bluetooth connection and the directional microphone system, these groundbreaking devices can pick up your voice directly and reduce interference from external noise while still delivering excellent sound quality of your conversations to those on the other end of the line. Now you can have worry-free phone calls without speaking into a traditional smartphone microphone!

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The Signia App

Enjoy your hearing aids with the Signia app, which provides everything you need to personalize and optimize their performance right from your smartphone. Stream audio directly into your ears while controlling volume and other settings discreetly – it’s that simple! When needed, get immediate assistance anytime with 24/7 Signia Assistant or stay in touch remotely between visits via TeleCare for continuous support on-the-go.

Signia AppRenote Control Screen

Remote Control

Enjoy life to the fullest with Signia Assistant – your reliable, round-the-clock hearing companion. Don't let anything stand in the way of you being part of every moment and effortlessly enjoying all that matters most to you.

Signia App Assistant Screen

Digital Assistant

With the Signia App, you can easily customize your hearing experience with a simple swipe of your finger. Not only that, but it's also constantly keeping an eye on things like connection and battery status so you're always in control!

Enhance Your Experience With Signia Accessories

StreamLine TV

Signia TV Streamer

Enjoy an unparalleled streaming experience with Dolby Digital's crystal-clear sound quality!

With StreamLine TV, Signia hearing aid wearers can now enjoy an intuitive and automatic wireless listening experience with family members who also wear the same device. Amazingly immersive Dolby Digital quality sound is streamed directly from the television to everyone’s compatible hearing aids – providing a revolutionary new way for families to watch and hear their favorite shows together!

Experience the ultimate sound quality with seamless streaming from any Bluetooth enabled device using the Connect Clip

StreamLine Mic takes Signia Nx devices to the next level, turning them into a multi-functional tool – they not only provide state-of-the art hearing aids but also become an instant hands free headset and wireless headphones! Enjoy premium sound quality when streaming your favorite tunes from any Bluetooth device – be it a mobile phone or home computer. Plus, you can tap into smart assistants like Alexa and Siri with just one click of a button!

Connect Clip

Signia Connect Clip

Pure Portable Charger

Pure Charge Go AX Portable Charger

Stay Connected!

Enhance your everyday hearing experience with the Pure Charge&Go AX charger. This sophisticated device offers comfort and convenience for on-the-go charging of a pair of hearing aids, plus its power bank gives you three full charges before needing to be recharged again! Not just that – choose the Dry&CleanCharger option and get UV cleaning technology too, so you can ensure optimal performance from your devices every time. Plus there are two LED indicators showcasing each hear aid’s charge status as well as one to signal when it’s time to recharge the integrated battery pack – simple yet effective!

Our Patients say it best

Our Patients say it best

Our Patients say it best

Our Patients Say It Best