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EvolvAI offers an impressive selection of hearing technology that makes it easy to appreciate every moment. Our most advanced models provide up to 40% fewer disruptions, allowing you to savor the sounds in life without struggling with excess noise energy. With EvolvAI, discover effortless listening and find a perfect fit for your lifestyle!
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Hear effortlessly and enjoy every moment!

EvolvAI has advanced hearing aid technology options to benefit those with hearing loss. Our newest technology includes an extra 40% reduction in noise energy, making it easier for you to listen and understand conversations. You can choose from our smallest to our most powerful options and experience the difference

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Starkey evolv AI Feature and Benefits

The Clearest Sound Quality

Individuals with hearing loss will be able to understand conversations better and participate more fully in social situations with Starkey EvolvAI, which can improve their quality of life and ability to communicate with others. The EvolvAI is especially important in noisy environments, as background noise can make hearing and understanding speech even more challenging.

Enhanced Connectivity To Your Devices

The enhanced connectivity of EvolvAI hearing aids allows individuals with hearing loss to easily connect their hearing aids to their devices, such as phones or tablets. This feature enables them to take and end calls directly on their hearing aids instead of their phone and access other features on their devices, such as music or audiobooks, through their hearing aids.

Health and Activity Tracking Features.

The health and activity tracking features of EvolvAI hearing aids can be essential for individuals at higher risk of falls due to age or certain medical conditions. EvolvAI can track health metrics, such as steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned, which is helpful for individuals trying to maintain an active lifestyle and monitor their physical activity. The activity tracking feature can also motivate to stay active and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

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Meet Our Professionals

Active Life Hearing is staffed with professionals trained to evaluate the cause and design a treatment plan specific to your hearing loss.

Michanne Davidson

Audiologist | Clinical Director | Owner

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Polina Roskin

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Anneli Lanyon

Audiology Resident

Our Patients say it best

Our Patients Say It Best