Starkey Genesis AI: The Neuro Processor

The Starkey Neuro Processor is a remarkable component found in the Starkey Genesis AI family of hearing aids. It is the foundation of Neuro Sound Technology in the Genesis AI family of hearing aids.

Advanced Processor Technology

The Neuro Processor is the brain of the Genesis AI hearing aids. It features the industry’s most advanced processor technology. This processor is designed to mimic the function of the central auditory system through a Deep Neural Network (DNN) on-chip accelerator and automatic functions.

The Starkey Neuro Processor has more

  • 6X More Transistors
  • 10X More Memory
  • 4X Faster Processing

Edge Mode+

The Starkey Neuro Processor features Starkey Edge Mode+, an advanced feature in Genesis AI hearing aids. Edge Mode+ automatically adjusts sound settings based on your listening environment. It scans, adapts, and optimizes your hearing aids as you move between different situations. Edge Mode+ is activated on demand through the My Starkey app.

Smallest and Most Powerful

Despite its small size, the Neuro Processor is the most powerful ever created by Starkey. It contains 6 times more transistors than previous processors. Remarkably, it operates quickly, efficiently, and quietly, up to 4 times faster than its predecessors.

Optimized Sound Quality

Starkey’s Neuro Sound Technology ensures the best hearing experience for patients in all situations. The additive compression system synthesizes signals from both slow and fast compression systems, resulting in optimized perceptual outcomes. This technology mimics how neural fibers code different information for the brain, enhancing sound quality and doubling battery life.

The Starkey Neuro Processor is a powerful and intelligent component that significantly contributes to the exceptional performance of the Genesis AI hearing aids.

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