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Oticon is transforming lives with its expansive range of cutting-edge hearing solutions. All Oticon products come with BrainHearing™ technology, designed to give wearers access to the entire sound scene and help them hear more naturally. From milder cases of hearing loss to profound deafness – even single-sided deafness – they provide tailored levels of support for every need.

Introducing Oticon Own™ in-the-ear Hearing Aids

Oticon Own offers you a truly personalized listening experience.

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Take Control of Your Sound Experience with Oticon Own Hearing Aids

With Oticon Own hearing aids, you can get a custom-fit solution to help you hear better. These hearing devices are tailored specifically for the shape of your ear and lifestyle, designed with your personal life in mind. Reclaim control over your uniquely individual sound experience today!

  • Choose from five styles and colors to match your personal preference
  • A completely invisible IIC offering ultimate discreetness
  • Custom made and tailored to your individual ear for all day comfort

Experience Easier Conversations with Oticon Own's BrainHearing™ Technology

Taking care of your hearing means taking an important step to protect and maintain your physical and mental health. A 25-year study* found that those with untreated hearing loss were at a greater risk for dementia than those who wore appropriate aids – making it essential to find the perfect device that supports how we naturally hear. Oticon Own offers BrainHearing™ technology, designed specifically for you, providing access to more sound, making processing conversations easier and simpler daily!

Reduce Listening Effort with Oticon Own's Advanced Hearing Technology

Oticon Own revolutionizes the hearing aid world with its onboard Deep Neural Network (DNN). With this powerful technology, you can access more sound and comprehend it all faster. How does it work? We’ve trained the DNN on millions of real-life sounds to provide your brain with all the information needed for a more effortless understanding experience – whether in a noisy restaurant or busy office meeting! By doing so, Oticon Own helps reduce listening effort while allowing you to take advantage of other tasks.

Stay Connected with Oticon Own In-the-Ear Hearing Aids

Staying connected has never been more critical – and now, with Oticon Own, it’s easier than ever! These in-the-ear hearing aids provide a secure connection to your favorite devices so you can get the most out of conversations with friends, family, and colleagues.

  • Direct streaming from select iPhone® and iPad® devices*
  • Direct streaming with select Android™ smartphones*
  • Stream sound directly from your TV with Oticon’s TV adapter
  • Oticon ON app for easy, discreet control over the hearing aid.
  • Stream sounds seamlessly from compatible Bluetooth® devices with ConnectClip

Oticon Own Comes In A Style Just For You

At Oticon, we strive to create hearing care solutions that transform the lives of those with hearing loss. We do this by pushing boundaries and revolutionizing our industry – striving for groundbreaking innovations every day. This relentless passion for progress allows us to lead in technology when it comes to helping people hear better.

Let Us Tell You How Oticon Own Can Help You

Enhance Your Experience With Oticon Accessories

The Oticon On App

Oticon ON enables your hearing aids to interact with other Internet-connected devices and services. Trigger your lights, home alarm or smart thermostat when you turn your hearing aids on or off. Tell your hearing aids to notify you when your battery is low, the laundry is finished, or someone’s at the door. With Oticon ON, it’s all up to you.

Oticon Connect Clip

Oticon Connect Clip

Turn your hearing aids into a wireless stereo headset with ConnectClip. ConnectClip allows you to:

  • Make hands-free phone calls and stream music from your smartphone, whether iPhone® or Android™.
  • Listen to someone speaking from a distance using the remote microphone functionality.
  • Make video calls with a Bluetooth microphone.
  • Chat over the computer via Skype, Lync, etc.
  • Adjust your heading aids discreetly using the remote control function.
Oticon CROS Systen

Oticon CROS

Oticon CROS PX and Oticon CROS open up a new world of sound for those with single-sided deafness. Thanks to their TwinLink™ dual-streaming technology and the convenience of rechargeable batteries, these advanced hearing aids allow users to experience natural sounds more effectively than ever before!

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Active Life Hearing is staffed with professionals trained to evaluate the cause and design a treatment plan specific to your hearing loss.

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Our Patients say it best

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