Bluetooth LE Audio: A Game-Changing Advancement in Wireless Audio Technology

Bluetooth Low Energy (LE), also known as Bluetooth LE or BLE, is an offshoot of the mainline Bluetooth technology and used in the Oticon Intent. It is specifically designed for lower power consumption. Here are some key points about Bluetooth LE:

Purpose and Applications

Bluetooth LE is commonly used in portable devices such as smartwatches. It also finds utility in smart home products due to features like broadcasting.

Energy Efficiency

Unlike traditional Bluetooth, which can be power-hungry, Bluetooth LE prioritizes energy efficiency. It allows devices to communicate wirelessly while minimizing energy consumption.


  • Multistream Audio: Bluetooth LE Audio supports multistream audio, enabling simultaneous streaming to multiple sets of headphones.
  • Improved Audio Quality: The Low Complexity Communications Codec (LC3), co-developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits and Ericsson, enhances audio quality compared to the existing SBC Bluetooth codec.
  • Future Integration with Hearing Aids: Bluetooth LE Audio is expected to integrate seamlessly with hearing aid devices, enhancing accessibility options.


Bluetooth Low Energy has been around for some time, but Bluetooth LE Audio is a recent development. Standard Bluetooth LE has been used in wearables, smartphones, and medical devices, but audio transmission required further development. The LC3 codec is at the core of Bluetooth LE Audio.

In summary, Bluetooth LE Audio promises a game-changing experience with longer battery life, improved audio quality, and the ability to stream to multiple headphones simultaneously. It’s an exciting advancement in wireless audio technology! 🎧📶.

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