Hear the Future Now: Introducing Oticon Intent™ with Revolutionary Sirius™ AI Technology

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Oticon Intent.

Discover the latest breakthrough in hearing technology with the launch of Oticon Intent™, powered by the revolutionary Sirius™ platform 4D Sensor technology, MoreSound Intelligence™ 3.0, and BlueTooth LE. Oticon Intent™ is not just a hearing aid; it’s a leap forward in personalized hearing experiences.

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AI Future Ready

The Sirius™ platform's use of AI not only enhances current hearing capabilities but also positions the Oticon Intent™ for future advancements. The platform is designed to support wireless updates, allowing users to benefit from ongoing improvements and new features as they are developed.

4D Sensor Technology

Oticon Intent™ is the first of its kind to incorporate 4D Sensor technology, intelligently interpreting the user’s listening intentions to enhance speech understanding in noisy settings.

head with sound waves

brain hearing

Leveraging Oticon's unique BrainHearing™ approach, Oticon Intent™ supports the brain's natural process of hearing, facilitating effortless understanding and unparalleled listening comfort

Deep Neural Network

The second-generation DNN adapts to individual hearing preferences, offering a customized hearing experience that improves over time.

Earth with connectivity

Bluetooth LE Audio

Embrace the future of connectivity with Bluetooth LE Audio, ensuring seamless, low-energy communication with your digital world.

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Dr Michanne Davidson

Dr. Michanne Davidson Audiologist

audiologist insight

Why is Dr. Davidson looking forward to Oticon Intent?

“Oticon’s BrainHearing™ philosophy has always resonated with me because it aligns with the fundamental goal of audiology: to support the brain’s natural process of hearing. The Oticon Intent™, with its enhanced BrainHearing™ capabilities, promises to reduce cognitive load and improve speech understanding, which is crucial for all hearing aid users but especially beneficial for older adults or those with cognitive challenges.”

Audiologist Examining Senior Female Patient's Ears

Be among the first to experience the exceptional Oticon Intent™. Pre-orders are open, with the official launch set for the end of February.