Oticon Intent 4D Sensor Technology

Introducing Oticon Intent™: The World’s First Hearing Aid with 4D Sound Processing

The 4D Sensor technology in the Oticon Intent™ hearing aid represents a groundbreaking leap in personalized sound processing. Let’s explore its features:

  1. Acoustic Environment Sensors: These sensors gather details of the 360º sound scene around the listener, capturing variations within different listening environments and between them. By understanding the acoustic context, Oticon Intent adapts its processing to optimize sound perception.
  2. Head Movement Monitoring: The technology tracks how the user moves their head. This information helps discern the type of communication situation. For instance, if the user is engaged in an active conversation, the system can prioritize speech enhancement.
  3. Body Movement Sensors: Physical movement sensors anticipate the need for increased spatial awareness support. This ensures that users remain aware of their surroundings, enhancing safety and engagement.
  4. Conversation Activity Analysis: Oticon Intent monitors whether there is an active conversation happening. This data informs the system to prioritize speech clarity and intelligibility, further enhancing communication.

By incorporating these dimensions of information from head and body movements, conversation activity, and the acoustic environment, the 4D Sensor technology seamlessly adapts to each user’s specific listening needs—even within the same sound environment. Oticon Intent goes beyond traditional hearing aids, empowering users to move beyond mere hearing and truly engage in life with personalized support.

Additionally, Oticon Intent combines the 4D Sensor technology with the Deep Neural Network 2.0 to provide individualized help based on the listener’s intention and the specific situation. This, along with other innovations like the sleek design, Bluetooth® LE Audio, and intelligent miniFit Detect, makes Oticon Intent a remarkable advancement in hearing aid technology.

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