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Unlocking Personalized Sound: Oticon Intent™ Revolutionizes Hearing Aid Technology

In this article, we delve into the groundbreaking features of Oticon Intent™, including its 4D Sensor technology, MoreSound Intelligence™ 3.0, BlueTooth LE, new Siruis platform, and sleek design. Discover how this innovative hearing aid adapts seamlessly to individual needs, empowering users to engage fully in life and communicate effortlessly. 🧠👂🌟


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Oticon Intent Features

User-Intent Sensors

Oticon Intent incorporates groundbreaking 4D Sensor technology that seamlessly adapts to each user’s specific listening needs. By analyzing head and body movements, BrainHearing™ insights*  reveals conversation activity, and the acoustic environment, it provides personalized support even within the same sound environment.

MoreSound Intelligence™ 3.0:

Powered by the new Deep Neural Network 2.0, Oticon Intent’s MoreSound Intelligence™ 3.0 ensures individualized help based on the situation and the listener’s intention. It improves sound quality, speech comprehension, and noise suppression, allowing users to engage more effectively with their surroundings.

Precise Balance of Sounds:

Backed by extensive clinical studies, Oticon Intent’s intelligent, seamless, and precise 5dB output SNR adaptation ensures a precise balance of sounds in each user’s brain, even within the same environment. This empowers users to focus on tasks with ease.

Compact Design:

Oticon Intent boasts a sleek and discreet rechargeable miniRITE style, making it the smallest in Oticon’s lineup.

Bluetooth® LE Audio:

With future-proof, next-generation connectivity, Oticon Intent and Bluetooth LE Audio keeps users seamlessly connected to their devices and the world around them.

Intelligent miniFit Detect:

Featuring the world’s first self-calibrating speaker, Oticon Intent provides up to 57% more precise gain, enhancing overall hearing experience.

Improved Rechargeability:

Oticon Intent offers more power than ever and a 33% shorter charging time, ensuring convenience for users.

For more information on Oticon Intent please call 561-933-4460


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