Phonak Naída Lumity: A Powerful Hearing Aid for Optimal Listening Experiences

The Phonak Naída Lumity is a powerful hearing aid designed to enhance communication and provide optimal listening experiences.

Key Features of the Phonak Naída Lumity

  • Powerful Sound Processing: The Naída Lumity features a powerful sound processing platform that delivers clear and natural sound quality, ensuring optimal speech understanding and comfort in various listening environments.
  • Universal Connectivity: The Naída Lumity seamlessly connects to Bluetooth-enabled devices, including smartphones, TVs, tablets, and laptops, allowing you to stay connected and enjoy clear audio1.
  • Speech in Noise: This feature adapts to noisy environments by reducing noise from behind in real time. It optimizes the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), making speech more intelligible even in challenging acoustic conditions.
  • Calm Situation: In quiet one-on-one conversations, the Naída Lumity provides optimal gain for speech understanding and comfortable listening1.
  • Comfort in Noise: When no speech is present, the Naída Lumity actively reduces noise, enhancing overall comfort.
  • Music Mode: For music enthusiasts, the Naída Lumity offers an expanded dynamic range, slow compression speed, and increased gain, resulting in a fuller and richer music experience.
  • Acoustic Phone (DuoPhone): This unique feature streams phone calls in real time to both ears, improving speech clarity with an average benefit of 3.1 dB SNR.
  • Environmental Balance: Allows you to modify the volume of streamed signals versus surrounding environmental sounds using the volume control.
Phonak Naida Hearing Aid

In summary, the Phonak Naída Lumity empowers you to embrace all opportunities, navigate conversations confidently, and enjoy improved clarity in various listening situations.

For more information on Phonak Naída Lumity hearing aids please call 561-782-8408


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