Widex MySound™ Technology

Widex MySound™: A New Era of Personalized Hearing Care

Widex MySound™ is a powerful AI-assisted personalization technology integrated into Widex hearing aids. It goes beyond traditional AI by involving users in shaping their listening experience. Here’s how it works:

Made for You

This automatic recommendation uses AI to gather sound preferences from users worldwide and instantly provides optimized recommendations. It distills global insights into personalized settings for each user, ensuring a tailored hearing experience.

Made by You

The AI system guides individual users through A/B comparisons, allowing them to fine-tune their sound preferences. This includes adjusting parameters like compression, which affects how sounds are processed. Users can create programs that suit their taste and unique situations.

Real-Life Insights

Users securely share data generated while creating personal programs with their Hearing Care Professionals (HCPs) via the Moment app. HCPs gain comprehensive insights into how patients want to hear in various situations, empowering personalized care.

Cloud-Based Calculations

The calculations now run in the cloud, ensuring consistent high-speed performance for all users, regardless of their smartphone model.

Widex MySound™ combines real-world experiences with AI, making it easy for users to control and understand their hearing needs. It’s a simple yet powerful tool that revolutionizes personalized hearing care 🦻🔊.

Widex MySound™ is a feature of the Widex Moment and SmartRIC

For more information on the Widex Moment and SmartRIC hearing aids please call 561-782-8408


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