Widex SmartRIC: The Ultimate Hearing Experience

The Widex SmartRIC hearing aids offer an array of features and benefits designed to enhance your hearing experience:

PureSound™ Technology

These hearing aids utilize PureSound™ technology, which eliminates distortion commonly associated with traditional hearing aids. Say goodbye to artificial interference and enjoy natural sound.

Advanced AI

Widex MySound™, a powerful AI-assisted personalization technology integrated into Widex MOMENT™. It goes beyond traditional AI by involving users in shaping their listening experience. By using Cloud-Based calculations for the AI, the Widex Moment is able to provide a faster, more accurate and personalized hearing experience.

Improved Directionality

The SmartRIC introduces a groundbreaking L-shaped design, positioning microphones at an optimal angle for better speech directionality. This ensures you hear what matters most, even in noisy environments.

Reduced Wind and Touch Noise

Newly designed microphone inlets effectively reduce wind and touch noise, making challenging situations more comfortable and natural.

Long-Lasting Battery

The SmartRIC boasts impressive battery life, providing up to 37 hours on a single charge. You won’t have to worry about running out of power, even with constant streaming.

Bluetooth Streaming

Connect seamlessly to your devices with Bluetooth streaming capabilities. Stream high-quality sound directly from your TV or computer to your hearing aids.

Customizable Sound Settings

The Moment app with SoundSense Learn allows you to adjust various sound settings and listening programs to suit your individual preferences.

Remote Control and Hands-Free Calls

Use the RC-DEX compact remote control for charging programs and volume adjustments. Enjoy hands-free calls and control your hearing aids remotely.

In summary, the Widex SmartRIC redefines natural hearing angles, delivering clear sound, enhanced directionality, and comfort for wearers. 🦻🔊

For more information on Widex SmartRIC please call 561-782-8408

Widex SmartRIC
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Widex SmartRIC


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