Widex PureSound™: The Future of Sound

Widex PureSound™ is a groundbreaking technology that revolutionizes the way we experience sound through hearing aids.

The Comb-Filter Effect

Imagine wearing open or vented hearing aids. These fittings allow natural sounds to mix with amplified sound at your eardrum. Unfortunately, there’s a timing mismatch due to processing delays. The result? Peaks and troughs in the sound wave—a phenomenon called the comb-filter effect. This “tinny” quality can be hard to accept. But fear not—Widex PureSound™ steps in to change the game.

Ultra-Fast ZeroDelay Pathway

PureSound™ slashes processing time through the hearing aid to below 0.5 milliseconds. Practically eliminating the comb-filter effect, it perfectly matches the two sound sources. The outcome? A pure, natural, and transparent listening experience.

Proven Sound Quality

Widex PureSound™ processes sound 8-20 times faster than other digital hearing aids.

Say goodbye to artificial sound. With PureSound™, your world sounds as it should—uncompromised and beautifully natural. In summary, Widex PureSound™ takes us closer to forgetting we’re wearing hearing aids—delivering sound as it was meant to be heard. 🎧🌟

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