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Widex MySound™ Technology

Widex MySound™: A New Era of Personalized Hearing Care Widex MySound™ is a powerful AI-assisted personalization technology integrated into Widex hearing aids. It goes beyond traditional AI by involving users in shaping their listening experience. Here’s how it works: Made for You This automatic recommendation uses AI to gather sound preferences from users worldwide and […]

Widex SmartRIC

Widex SmartRIC: The Ultimate Hearing Experience The Widex SmartRIC hearing aids offer an array of features and benefits designed to enhance your hearing experience: PureSound™ Technology These hearing aids utilize PureSound™ technology, which eliminates distortion commonly associated with traditional hearing aids. Say goodbye to artificial interference and enjoy natural sound. Advanced AI Widex MySound™, a […]

Widex PureSound

Widex PureSound™: The Future of Sound Widex PureSound™ is a groundbreaking technology that revolutionizes the way we experience sound through hearing aids. The Comb-Filter Effect Imagine wearing open or vented hearing aids. These fittings allow natural sounds to mix with amplified sound at your eardrum. Unfortunately, there’s a timing mismatch due to processing delays. The […]

Widex Moment

The Remarkable Features and Benefits of the Widex Moment™ Hearing Aid PureSound™ Technology Widex Moment™ introduces PureSound™, a groundbreaking innovation. Unlike traditional hearing aids, which process sound with a delay, PureSound™ delivers sound to your eardrum instantly. Say goodbye to artificial, out-of-sync sounds! Advanced AI Widex MySound™, a powerful AI-assisted personalization technology integrated into Widex […]


Add Your Heading Text Here Widex: A History of Innovation Widex is a renowned hearing technology developer and hearing aid manufacturer. Founding and Ownership Widex was founded in 1956 in Denmark by engineer Christian Tøpholm and businessman Erik Westermann. The company began as a small family-owned business and remains under the ownership of relatives of […]